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Company Culture
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Platinum Yi Hong long-term commitment to team building and staff training, people-oriented, build a first-class team, to create a harmonious, with the times, has become the company's core values of corporate culture.
Outstanding historical and cultural heritage enterprises, make a responsible, professional, energetic, pioneering and innovative spirit of enterprise.
We will continue to research and develop products that meet higher requirements, build a truly national brand of their own.
Let every good employees on better well-being has become the company's mission and responsibilities.

Business philosophy:
Innovation is the soul: cultivating highly skilled development team, to increase investment in science and technology and innovation.
Quality-oriented: improve the quality of, by way of quality production.
Customer win: trustworthiness and reliability, customer-centric, win the maximum value for customers.
Emotion management: a humanistic management to enhance the enthusiasm of employees innovation.