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Conductive cloth tape introduction
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Conductive cloth tape, that is, a tape made of conductive cloth, is characterized by the addition of "glue" characteristics on the basis of the conductive cloth, and its important characteristics can be referred to the entry---conductive cloth. The "glue" that is expected in the industry is a conductive adhesive, that is, a "nickel" component, in order to achieve the effect of magnetic shielding. However, there is also no need for conductive glue but ordinary acrylic glue or hot melt glue, in order to make the conductive cloth have good adhesion.

1) Characteristics of conductive cloth tape: ◎ Good electrical conductivity and shielding effect. ◎ Good anti-friction performance, anti-friction times up to 5,000,000 times (NF35B050, ASTM D 4966). ◎ Good metal bonding force and Z-direction conductivity ◎ Good processability (NF35B050): soft texture, cut without burrs, anti-handprint stain, anti-oxidation treatment.

2) Use

Conductive cloth tape is suitable for all kinds of electronic and electrical products such as computers, mobile phones, wires, cables, etc. It mainly shields or isolates electromagnetic waves or infinite waves during high-frequency transmission.

Precautions for use and storage of conductive cloth tape

1. When the conductive cloth tape must be used in the low magnetic state of the natural environment, the tape should be warmed to room temperature (about 20 ° C) for more than three hours.

2, conductive cloth tape products are completed in wrapping paper or film packaging, and installed in the appropriate carton.

3, conductive cloth tape should be placed in a cool place to avoid high temperature or high humidity. The quality assurance room is 6 months after production.

3) Physical properties

The conductive cloth material is on the polyester fiber, firstly plated with metallic nickel, and then plated with a highly conductive copper layer on the nickel, and then electroplated with an anti-oxidation machine to prevent corrosion of the nickel metal on the copper layer, copper and nickel are combined to provide Excellent electrical conductivity and good electromagnetic shielding, shielding range from 100K to 3GHz.