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Introduction of porous foam metal materials
Date: 2016-09-29 16:04:31Pageviews: 229

Porous metal foam is a metal material with a certain number of porous structures with a certain pore size and a certain porosity. It is a new material developed rapidly in the material science. The production principle is to electrolyze the required foam metal on a special polymer material skeleton having a three-dimensional network structure, such as polyurethane, polyester urethane and other special polymer materials (commonly known as sponge). The internal polymer material and the reduced metal oxide are burned out, processed by a chemical heat treatment machine, and finally a foamed metal product is obtained, so the foam metal has a three-dimensional multi-layer three-dimensional structure, high permeability, adjustable pore diameter, and both The dual function of functional materials and structural materials. It has various functions such as damping, shock absorption, noise reduction, heat insulation, flame retardant, filtration, gas distribution, electromagnetic shielding, etc., and has certain mechanical strength, and is light in weight and heat resistant. Corrosion resistance, large specific surface area, high chemical and electrochemical activity, no aging, etc., can work normally under high temperature and harsh environment conditions. Helps solve many application challenges.

Application fields of porous foam metal materials

Porous foam metal material is a national key support project, which can be widely used in aviation, aerospace, petroleum, automobile, construction, chemical, metallurgy, medicine, electrochemical industry and military industry. Specific application areas: exhaust gas filtration, diesel particle collection , lampblack purifier, catalyst carrier, oil recovery gas desilter, sound absorption, noise reduction, heat insulation, heat dissipation, air filtration, filter, vacuum filtration, open car filter, chemical workshop smoke suppression filter, oil Tank windshield, seawater separation and filtration, pipeline filtration disinfection, water desalination evaporator baffle, motor muffler, deaerator, catalytic converter, indoor switchboard, light quality and high strength plate, thin pulse, spacecraft Wing structure, jet engine mute, toothed heat exchanger, heat sink, high temperature engine regenerator, liquid heat exchanger, cooling tower capacitor, battery plate, porous spark plug, etc.